Рубрика Интересные ремонты. Восстановлена работоспособность платы процессора CPPIV NT4N39AA с неисправностью Dark Card issue. Неисправность проявляется на платах NT4N39AA(E5) rls 1-6. Фактически, по результатам НИОКР в нашей лаборатории осуществлён заводской ремонт, выполнявшийся Nortel в рамках отзывной компании по данным платам.



Теперь мы обучаем работе с Meridian 1 / CS1000 и в онлайн-формате!
Где бы вы ни находились, вам доступны 2 курса: базовый (основы администрирования, техобслуживание и поддержка) и продвинутый (администрирование, инсталляция, модернизация и ремонт).
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Мы на сайте каждый день и следим за этим.

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Для вас  - Оборудование Nortel (Avaya) под заказ

Технический форум АТС Nortel Meridian и база знаний

Форум АТС Meridian WIRE

Архив форума АТС Meridian Радиолинк

Документация и материалы Nortel Meridian


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About us

NTALL.RU is a project of the UPS Inform Ltd. operating in system integration and complex project management. NTALL is a largest supplier of new and refurbished NORTEL equipment in Russia and CIS. The company's mission consists in extension of the operational life of industrial equipment and communication systems.

Basic definitions

1.      New is equipment that hasn't been operated. It's supplied in a manufacturer's packaging and provided with a warranty of 12-36 months.

2.      Renew is equipment that has been in operation. The necessary testing was carried out at the laboratory and preparations for commissioning were made. A software update was made. Equipment's supplied in the NTALL.RU's packaging and provided with a warranty of 6-36 months.

3.      An «In stock» status means that equipment is shipped in 2-5 working days. An «On order» status means that equipment is not available, but order is possible. Delivery time is 4-8 weeks.


By agreement, payment is made in cashless or cash method. Delivery is carried out after 100% payment. A deferred payment is provided to regular customers.


We deliver across Russia and all over the world. Shipment is carried out by a cargo company. Equipment can be delivered to the carrier's terminal in St. Petersburg for free.


You can place an order for an out-of-stock or still not placed on site equipment (PBX Meridian 1 / CS1000 made by NORTEL / AVAYA). Average delivery time is 2-5 weeks. Delivery is carried out after 100% payment. We supply spare parts as well.


Within the NTALL.RU project, UPS Inform Group Ltd. sells equipment from NORTEL and other manufacturers, and provides services for the installation and configuration of the supplied equipment. There's possibility to enter into agreement for audit, installation, modernization, one-time or regular service (technical support) maintenance of equipment and systems in general. The work is carried out by highly qualified certified specialists.

Under regular service agreements, users of NORTEL (AVAYA) equipment are offered a service for the rapid replacement of failed equipment.

Rental services for NORTEL equipment are available. Equipment from stock can be leased for any time.

Repair service

Based on our own technical laboratory and repair shop, we repair a wide range of industrial electronic equipment, production lines and machine tools. In particular, we repair power supplies of any manufacturers (Emerson, Eaton, Delta, Astec, Eltek, Mitra, Alfa, Cherokee, Artesyn, Ascom, ABB, Schneider, Siemens, APC etc.). Also technical expertise services are provided with a conclusion on the technical condition of the equipment in accordance with GOST R standard 56397-2015.

We carry out diagnostics and repair of NORTEL (AVAYA) PBX Meridian 1, CS1000 equipment including power supplies (NTDK70, NTDK78, NTAK04 etc.), subscriber and trunk boards (cards), NORTEL / AVAYA digital phones of the M3900 deskset family (including repair and replacement of LCD displays) as well as KBA, DBA modules, NORTEL / AVAYA IP phones and other PBX equipment.

For repaired equipment, a warranty of 6 months and more is provided. By agreement, we take away your faulty equipment and delivery of repaired one in Russia and all over the world.

Diagnostic, repair, technical examination services are certified in accordance with GOST R standard. You can find the certificate of conformity on our website .


Warranty is provided by UPS Inform Ltd. service center. To contact the service center, you must provide a completed application form with a fault description.

Equipment delivery is carried out by the equipment owner.

Warranty period is 6-36 months.

Warranty extension is possible. The price is 17% of the initial price for each full year of additional warranty.

The warranty is provided if the relevant operating rules is observed.


UPS Inform Ltd. (ООО UPS Inform)

Address: 2 Mitrofan'yevskoye Shosse str, St. Petersburg, 198095, Russia

☎ +7-812-335-27-00 (10:00-19:00 MSK)

☎ +7-499-705-13-32 (10:00-19:00 MSK)

☎ 8-800-333-57-91 (10:00-19:00 MSK)

E-mail: info@ntall.ru



Address: 118 Buharestskaya str, St. Petersburg, 192288, Russia

☎ +7-812-335-27-00 (10:00-19:00 MSK)

☎ +7-499-705-13-32 (10:00-19:00 MSK)

☎ 8-800-333-57-91 (10:00-19:00 MSK)

E-mail: sale@ntall.ru


☎ 8-800-333-57-91 ✉ info@ntall.ru
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